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Bio-chemical Odor Removal Program – Xodor

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Expel unpleasant odor in industrial site where various types of odor are generated. Keep your work environment pleasant and fresh.

Eliminate odor in industrial sites such as food wastewater and wastewater treatment facilities. Improve work environment and work efficiency.

NCH’s odor Removal program, Xodor, removes odor by automatically spraying bio-chemical, a deodorizer that uses enzymes and bacteria, on scheduled time. In 1 cc of this high-enriched odor remover, there are more than 100 million bacteria which immediately remove the root cause of the odor.

In particular, Xodor, unlike simple odor masking agent, detects the root cause of the odor and suppresses odor for a longer period of time. NCH bio chemical got approval from USDA for its safety and efficiency, and may also be used in food processing facilities.

Here are some cases how NCH Odor Removal Program was adapted in industrial sites:

• Food wastewater treatment facility
• Excrements disposal facility
• Manure disposal facility and manure manufacturing facility
• Butchery wastewater treatment facility

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