X-Rust 7 Rust Remover

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X-Rust 7 is a neutral pH rust remover that removes tarnish and rust from carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron, and other metals.

  • pH neutral formulation – is safer to use and kinder for the environment than traditional acid based rust removers.
  • Works at room temperature – there is no heating equipment required, saving on cost and energy.
  • Concentrated - Dilutes 1:10 – for economical derusting and convenient storage
  • Prevents flash rusting – The patented formulation of X-Rust 7, including its pH neutral properties inhibit flash rusting.
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X-Rust Dip Tank

Typical application areas

  • Agriculture – used to de-rust and extend the life of farming tools, specialist equipment, and machinery parts.
  • Automotive industry – used to de-rust parts during vehicle restoration or parts that have developed rust during storage. Also used to de-rust tools.
  • Rail – used as part of a maintenance program to de-rust trackside components and shims, also used in rail workshops.
  • Yellow metals –use X-Rust 7 to remove tarnish and brighten yellow metals such as brass, copper, and bronze – ensure uncontaminated fresh dilution is used.
  • Construction companies - used as part of a lifting gear inspection regime to ensure structural integrity of rusted chains. X-Rust 7 is also used to de-rust equipment and tools as well as cleaning rust stains from concrete surfaces.
  • Marine & shipyards - The high salt content in the marine environment leads to accelerated corrosion of parts and equipment; X-Rust 7 can be used to manage this corrosion. X-Rust 7 is very effective at removing white rust from zinc surfaces, a particular issue in coastal regions.
  • Manufacturing Workshops – used to de-rust nuts, bolts, tools and machine parts.


  • 1. Remove any loose soils, oil, and grease.
  • 2. Dilute 1:10 with water.
  • 3. Fully immerse the part in the rust removal solution. Soak until rust is removed.

Soak time may vary:

  • Light surface rust: 15 minutes
  • Heavy rust: a few hours
  • Severe rust: up to 24 hours





After soaking, rinse with water and dry thoroughly. If placing into storage, a protective coating may be required.

NOTE: Parts which are in contact with the solution for a long time may experience some darkening of the metal; this is not detrimental to the metal.

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